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SME Centre@SMCCI (formerly known as EDC@SMCCI) was established in 2006 with a mission to provide one-stop centre to assist local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) amidst the backdrop of the challenging global economic landscape. As a strategic partner of SPRING Singapore, SME Centre@SMCCI strives to create values for aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs by offering a comprehensive range of advisory and business services to help business owners sustain, grow and transform their business in the face of rapid technological development and rising global competition.
Aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners can also approach SME Centre@SMCCI for a whole gamut of business advisory services which includes Informative Talks & Seminars, Capability Workshops, One-to-One Complimentary Business Advisory, Productivity Assessment and more.
So book an appointment today with any of our Business Advisors ! 
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