Staff management can get challenging.

When Hairi, Director of TL Air Express, reached out to Manisah in March this year, he knew he had reached a roadblock.

TL Air Express is a logistics company with locations in Cambodia, Singapore and China. The Singapore branch was newly set up and went through a recruitment process in 2019 where they hired Jamilah, their new Sales Manager.

Resistance to Change

While the addition of a new hire was meant to boost the team’s performance, Hairi struggled to manage the team’s new dynamics.  

“Some of the older staff were so used to the way things were being done previously and it was difficult to shift their mindset. Not only were they unwilling to change, but they started forming groups within the team, causing division and tension amongst staff,” shared Hairi.

This roadblock had interfered with the team’s performance and Hairi turned to Manisah in hopes of improving the working environment in the company.

Adopting best HR practices

“I recommended Hairi to try P-Max, a Place-and-Train Programme that helps SMEs adopt progressive HR strategies to better manage and retain their staff. It also allows new hires to better acclimatise and adapt to the new company,” shared Manisah.

With Manisah’s help, Hairi successfully applied for the programme on behalf of the company in May this year. The programme enabled both Hairi and Jamilah to attend trainings provided by SNEF where they were able to acquire relevant skills and apply them to their jobs.

“The P-Max programme was very useful – it gave me a clearer idea on how I can handle the team from managing disputes to helping new hires ease into a new workplace. I also learnt how to tap onto staff’s strengths, and this has helped create synergies within the team,” explained Hairi.

With the new team in place, Hairi looks forward to more collaboration and better teamwork within the team.