JAVIS is an emerging technology retailing startup in Singapore. Founded in early 2021 by Joyce Lim, Chief Digital & Executive Officer (CDEO), John Cheong, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Peter Lee, Chief Strategy & Financial Officer (CSFO), the company aims to build Jupiter – the world’s first fully automated Bubble Tea ecosystem.

In a highly competitive market where snaking long queues can often be seen outside Bubble Tea shops, companies often grapple with manpower shortages and inconsistent quality. JAVIS identified opportunities that would be able to keep up with soaring consumer demands by disrupting the fast-growing industry.

Jupiter is a fully automated Bubble Tea smart vending machine with advanced robotic system. It is able to dispense freshly brewed premium Bubble Tea 24/7, with a production capability of 60 cups per hour. It offers a fully contactless ordering and e-payment system, perfect in a pandemic world.

Going Abroad Through Market Readiness Assistance

In May 2021, Peter was first introduced to our Senior Business Advisor, Nadhirah Nor Azhar. He shared with her JAVIS’s vision of market penetration into China, Taiwan and Australia. As they are planning to operate and franchise the machines in these and 9 other markets, the main challenge is having the ownership rights to prevent emerging competitors from producing or selling similar inventions without authorization.

As part of their overseas expansion plans, Nadhirah conducted an Internationalisation Diagnostic with JAVIS to identify gaps and understand the company’s readiness before venturing abroad.

Additionally, Nadhirah also assisted JAVIS to tap on the Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant that covers patent registration. The MRA grant supports SMEs in their business growth into overseas markets. Eligible companies can receive up to 70% funding, capped at $100,000 per company per new market (up till 31 March 2023).

For JAVIS, a total of 10 MRA was approved for patents into China, Taiwan and Australia. They had successfully applied for 4 Utility Model Patents (Straining and Dispensing System) for China, 4 Utility Model Patents (Integrated Robotic Cart System) and 2 Utility Model Patents (Integrated Robotic Cart System) for Australia market.

“As part of a first-to-market penetration strategy, it is vital that JAVIS acquires ownership rights to the invention of this new technology. This is to prevent any similar innovations from emerging without proper authorization. With the support of MRA, patent registration gives JAVIS a competitive edge in the market,” explains Nadhirah.

Currently, JAVIS is moving towards the product development phase for commercialization in Singapore as well as franchising in overseas markets.