Image Credit: The Peak Magazine

GINLEE studio was founded in 2011 by designer duo Gin Lee and Tamir Niv. The retail company takes pride in making sustainable and thoughtfully crafted pieces of clothing for the everyday woman. As designers with backgrounds in Fashion and Industrial Design, GINLEE has been creating timeless clothing that are ethically-sourced and made.

In March 2020, GINLEE was referred to our Senior Business Advisor, Zheng Yiting, for a complimentary Business Diagnostics session. Yiting conducted a Business Excellence (BE) Lite diagnostic to identify gaps and opportunities within the business. Through the diagnostic session, Yiting recommended that they enhance their existing HR framework.

Employee Engagement Strategies

Yiting connected the founders with a HR consultant to guide them through creating a HR framework that addresses talent retention and employee engagement strategies.

Additionally, Yiting further recommended that they tap on Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) – Human Capital Development, to defray up to *80% of qualifying project cost. The grant aims to strengthen a company’s HR capabilities to support their business growth strategies. 

“A HR framework is vital to any company as it lays the foundation and sets the company culture. This includes areas such as establishing a Career Structure, Compensation & Benefits, HR Policies, Job Analysis and Performance Management.

With the consultant’s guidance, GINLEE is working towards providing career progression for staff motivation and retention, skills development of their staff to cope with an ever-changing business landscape and administering a fair and competitive compensation structure among others.

I’m glad that GINLEE is able to work towards strengthening their HR capabilities, as this will allow them to focus on other areas such as scaling the business.” shared Yiting.

* As announced during Budget 2021, the enhanced maximum support of up to 80% is valid till 31 March 2022