Jackson Neo

Business Advisor 

Jackson has over a decade of experience in client-advisory roles and as a business owner. During his five-year tenure as a financial advisor and relationship manager, he provided calculated investment solutions to clients, tailored in accordance with their financial objectives. He left the corporate sector in 2012 to set up an e-commerce gift business, further expanding into the food and beverage industry with the opening of a Thai cuisine eatery in 2014 and a Korean-themed dessert store in 2016. In 2019, he moved to Melbourne, Australia to pursue further study in business regulatory compliance and risk management.

Jackson currently holds a Master of Business Law from Monash University and hopes to harness his experience in finance and entrepreneurship, as well as his literacy in business risk management, to identify SME needs and fulfil their true potential with the aid of government initiatives.


• Basketball

• Travelling

• Playing Video Games