“Connecting ideas and people is the what makes the world a successful place and I can be at forefront of that with the SME Centre.”

Janagaranjini Eravanan

Events Executive

Having had experience in working with the youth of Singapore, as well as planning events for the Community Centres and volunteering with them for certain activities, you can safely say that Janaga is a very people’s person with a passion for making them laugh, smile and always learning something from her. With over 5 years of exposure in the science field, Janaga has honed her ability to be analytical, data mine and planning skills. Also, her time in Republic Polytechnic has given her the ability to be able to present in front of the masses with confidence and aplomb. All of this combines to ensure that Janaga plans and produces unique, enticing, engaging and knowledgeable workshops for the SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs of Singapore. After all, she has a passion to always pass on something new to someone else.


• Dancing

• Lacrosse

• Reading

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