“Pushing myself past people’s expectations.”

Nur Nadhirah Nor Azhar

Senior Business Advisor & Project Coordinator

A graduate from Murdoch University, Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events Management and Marketing (Double Major), Nadhirah is passionate about the strategies that goes into branding and marketing. With a background from a branding & digital marketing agency in a start-up environment, she believes in incorporating ideas that make each piece of content click-worthy and designing a memorable brand that catches on. She is enthusiastic in creating content, creative marketing copies & competitive landscape research. A committed and devoted individual, Nadhirah is always eager to guide and offer advice to improve the internal capabilities of SMEs to reach their business goals. Aside from that, she is also an avid gym & fitness enthusiast who believes that health is the most valuable asset.

I have found Nadhirah to be a highly skilled, knowledgeable, trust worthy and credible business advisor who I can depend on consistently to provide assistance in identifying and analyzing my business queries and challenges. She has been very valuable in connecting me to potential partners for collaboration and value creation to grow the potential of my business. Nadhirah has also provided important insights to improve my company’s efficiency and adapt to a fast changing regulatory environment in Singapore.

For SMEs like mine, business advisors like Nadhirah are very instrumental to support growth and tide through the challenges.

Nisha ABM

Founder of Elevated Consultancy & Training

A highly dedicated and resourceful business advisor, Nadhirah Nor Azhar is always on point in offering us pertinent business advice in a myriad of areas – from explaining to us the various business grants that we are able to tap on from Enterprise Singapore, to proposing ways to enhance our business processes to suggesting other like-minded business entities that we are able to collaborate with so as to achieve our desired outcomes. 

Nadhirah consistently strives to respond swiftly to our business needs and is always quick in her follow-up actions. A true professional, she is passionate about her craft and one who is genuine in wanting to see her clients achieve their business goals. 

Above all, Nadhirah makes running a business fun!
Heikal Yusope

Deputy Executive Director of Singapore Quality Institute (SQI) International

For the past year, Nadhirah has supported our company by taking time to understand our business needs. She is equipped with knowledge of business structures and its value chain. Nadhirah listens and understands gaps that may affect a business. Regardless of industry, Nadhirah offers solutions that enhances the process flow of a business. With a background in branding, she is also able to rebrand a business to appeal to its clients/consumers. She has an eye for detail and that has helped us to implement changes to our business strategy that have made our organization more efficient and profitable.

In many aspects, we owe part of our success to Nadhirah. 
I am confident that Nur Nadhirah other clients would speak just as highly of her as I do. 
Ahmad Faizal

Director of Marketshare Studios

I have been very impressed with Nadhirah’s commitment and the additional support given to us as a new start-up in the area of Food for Dysphagia conditions. She went the extra mile to update and check on our application for the branding and marketing EDG grant. Her energy and positivity in getting things done does rub off into our team. 

Furthermore, Nadhirah shared with us the other support and possible grants from ESG. Recently, her trip back from Japan has given our company some insights to expanding our capabilities into the Japan market. I am very happy to have her as my point of contact in SME Centre. Her response to emails and messages are way beyond office hours, very customer-centric indeed. 

Thanks again for your effort and keep up your good work!
Shen Yiru

Technical Specialist of SilverConnect