Expand Your Company’s Technology Reach Into The UAE

A rapidly emerging economy, state of the art infrastructure and investor friendly landscape, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a gateway to opportunities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

A prominent economy invites cutting edge technology

The project aims to open the window of opportunity by

Offering insights about the business landscape in the UAE

Profiling and connecting with potential in market partners to develop networks

Reviewing intellectual property considerations and align them with market entry plans

Who can Participate

Companies registered and incorporated in Singapore and having at least 30% shareholding by a Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident.

Operating in one or more of these business activities:

    • Computer Programming,
    • Information Technology Consultancy,
    • Information Services Activities,
    • Online Marketplaces

Examples of Technology sub-sectors:

    • Financial Technology (FinTech),
    • Healthcare Technology (MedTech),
    • Education Technology (EdTech),
    • E-Commerce,
    • Cybersecurity,
    • Blockchain, AI & more!

    Your SME's Journey through this Project

    Here is what you can expect as a participant in this Group-Based Upgrading Project:

    • Develop an understanding of the regulatory landscape for market entry in the UAE.
    • Understand the process and strategy to protect ideas in new markets
    • Diagnose key operational and functional factors within the organisation and explore strategies to mitigate them for market entry and development.
    • Develop a business plan for market entry and development in the UAE
    • Take the first step in the product to market strategy through a complementary business matching session

    Workshop Schedule

    The following workshops will be conducted as part of this project:

    Day / Date: Tuesday, 25 June 2024* (Tentative)
    Time: 9am – 12pm


    Learning Outcomes

    • A country brief of the UAE
    • Understanding potential entry modes and entity structures within the UAE
    • Factors to consider when preparing and budgeting a market entry plan
    • Insights into the business culture and development of networks
    • Overview of free trade agreements within GCC/UAE

    This workshop will be conducted by the Singapore Business Federation.

    Day / Date: Tuesday, 2 July 2024* (Tentative)
    Time: 9am – 12pm


    Learning Outcomes

    • Overview of Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets
    • Identifying key intangible assets in your business with hands-on exercise
    • Understanding the options for IP protection
    • IP considerations for overseas expansion

    This workshop will be conducted by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore.

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