Empowering Training & Adult Education SMEs to Deliver a Holistic Hybrid Learning Experience

by | Dec 20, 2022

The global EdTech market size is currently valued at USD $125 billion and is expected to expected to surpass $377 billion by 2028.

Key growth drivers for Ed Tech:

  • Growth in Gamification
  • Adoption in Hybrid Model
  • Introduction to 5G technology
  • Enhancement of connectivity infrastructure etc

SME Centre @ SMCCI is launching an exclusive project to facilitate the Training & Adult Education (TAE) Sector SMEs to adopt digital solutions to enhance its administrative processes, facilitation, and user-learning experiences for SMEs to be part of this journey. 

If you are a Adult Education Training Provider in Singapore and would like to know how you can tap on the *70% funding available, click on the button below to enquire further today or contact Sneha at sneha@smecentre-smcci.sg