Group-based Upgrading Projects

The Group-based Upgrading (GBU) initiative, announced in 2017, has resulted in a total of 22 projects arising from the SME Centres’ efforts to aggregate common capability needs of SMEs and help to facilitate group-based solutions for mass deployment. These projects, which include both digital and non-digital solutions, seek to help participating businesses to improve their sales and revenue, productivity, customer service levels and shopping experiences.

GBU projects resulted from Business Advisors’ interactions with SMEs which surfaced similar business challenges and issues faced by businesses in the same locality or trade. The initiative adopts a group-based solutions approach in tackling these common business challenges. Individually, SME owners may face resource constraints in their capability and growth efforts. By pooling resources and ideas together, SME Centres can help these businesses discover collective solutions to tackle common problems and overcome the challenges together.

Here are some group-based projects that SME Centre @SMCCI is currently working on:
April 15, 2019

Specialist Clinic Management for O&G and Physiotherapy

January 17, 2019

Travel Agency Digitalization

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