(27th Sept) Be Agile or Fragile™: Prepare your business for Sustainable Success
August 30, 2018
(20th Nov) Scaling Up With Business Model Transformation
November 1, 2018

(24th Oct) Establishing Your Digital Reputation With LinkedIn

Date: 24th October 2018
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: Red Velvet Ballroom, The Landmark, 390 Victoria Street, #05-02 Village Hotel Bugis, Singapore (188061)

2pm-3pm: Creating A Brand Presence Online and Offline by Sneha Menon, Business Advisor of SME Centre @SMCCI

Professional image workshops are often focused on individuals. In a world of emerging entrepreneurs and increased digitalisation, the image of a brand is rapidly gaining as much importance as its creators. Sneha Menon combines consumer psychology and human resources to share with us how brands can create a lasting impression in both a digital and physical space.

Learning Outcomes:
o Developing and sustaining a strong digital and physical brand image
o Identify a brand positioning throughout the product lifecycle
o Analysing customer reviews for improved brand presence

3pm-3.15pm: Tea Break

3.15pm-4.45pm: Establishing Your Digital Reputation With LinkedIn by Wayne Neo, Digital Marketer at DREP Asia Pte Ltd

Workshop Synopsis
With over 560 million users today, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for businesses looking for new leads, stronger brand awareness or simply someone with the right skillset to join your team.

Join us in this workshop as we uncover the tips and tricks to create a business profile that shines; one that is essential to establish your presence and authority on the digital platform.

Learn how content, visuals and ad targeting can help you connect with new customers, potential business partners, and other professionals to help you achieve your business goals.

Learning Outcomes:
o Importance of establishing your digital reputation for SMEs
o Setting up your LinkedIn Company Page and how to make it great
o How to use LinkedIn to achieve your business goal – branding, lead generation etc
o LinkedIn Company Page best practices

4.45pm-5.00pm: Q&A Session

For more information, contact Janaga at 6293 3822 or email janaga@smecentre-smcci.sg.

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