(20th Nov) Scaling Up With Business Model Transformation
November 1, 2018
SMART Seminar Series: Reshaping Marketing for Results
January 2, 2019

(22nd Nov) Social Media & Marketplaces

Date: 22nd November 2018
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: Training Room, SMCCI (15 Jalan Pinang S199147)

2pm-3pm: Optimising Your Social Media Reach by Zheng Yiting, Business Advisor of SME Centre @SMCCI

Social media marketing is a buzzword in today’s digital age. In a highly saturated world of online media, understanding the fundamental mechanics and functions are equally if not more important when one gets on the bandwagon. Various factors such as nature of business, target audience and overall business objectives play an integral part to choosing the right social media platform. In this bonus session, Yiting breaks this down into digestible pieces to understand the functions of each platform in your marketing strategy.

Learning Outcomes:
o Understanding the influence of social media
o Identifying the roles of each social media platform to formulate the right marketing strategy
o In-depth analysis of various social media channels and understanding demographics, user behaviour etc.

3pm-3.15pm: Tea Break

3.15pm-4.45pm: Social Media & Marketplaces by Nadia Abdullah, eCommerce Consultant at Shopmatic

Speaker Profile:
As an experienced eCommerce Consultant, Nadia has helped countless business owners bring their business online. She is passionate about helping merchants succeed in the eCommerce arena.

Workshop Synopsis
Join Nadia, eCommerce Consultant at Shopmatic, as she sheds light on how businesses can tap on social media and marketplaces to boost online visibility.

Learning Outcomes:
o dentify the leading social media platforms and marketplaces
o Selling on social media vs. marketplaces
o Key factors to note when selling on social media and marketplaces

4.45pm-5.00pm: Q&A Session

For more information, contact Janaga at 6293 3822 or email janaga@smecentre-smcci.sg.

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