August One (formerly AGAM), is a Singapore headquartered Private investment firm, which invests in technology driven companies that have the ability to transform industries

Traditionally a publicity averse firm, August One’s various sub-businesses and brands had lead to brand confusion among its various stakeholders. This also impacted the firm’s ability to communicate its vision and values to its partners, team members and investors. August One realized that they needed to develop a core brand image to be able to clearly communicate their values and mission.

The August One team sat down with our Business Advisor, Nadhirah, where they shared with her the firm’s objectives. They also shared their aspirations to establish a footprint in London, UK.

Identifying gaps and opportunities

Upon charting out a business growth plan, Nadhirah recommended August One to a PMC Consultant, Identity Counsel Pte Ltd, who assisted them in developing a strategic brand growth. Since expansion plans were in the pipeline, Nadhirah urged August One to build a strong identity – a strategic move that would play a pivotal role in driving the company to be a catalyst for both local and foreign companies to venture into and out of Singapore.

To support August One’s business growth plan, Nadhirah recommended the firm to apply for two grants – *Capability Development Grant (CDG) and Global Company Partnership (GCP) concurrently back in 2018 to fund their branding project as well as expansion plans respectively.

Moving forward

With Nadhirah’s assistance, both of August One’s grant applications were successful.

“With plans to expand beyond Singapore, consistency in terms of branding and localizing to the market August One is intending to penetrate is important. The CDG grant enabled AGAM to revisit their core values and reposition itself with a stronger brand identity. This allow them to communicate their purpose clearly to their local and international audience as well as stakeholders – in turn, fostering better relationships with their customers,” shared Nadhirah.

Rebranded as August One, the firm, is currently working towards setting foot in the global market with assistance from the GCP grant.

“The GCP grant provides crucial help in aspects such as overseas office rental as well as funding of team salaries. This has enables August One to focus on its core competency,” explained Sameer Narula, Managing Partner August One.

A satisfied client, Sameer commends Nadhirah for her dedication, “Working with Nadhirah has been greatly beneficial in understanding the mechanics behind government grants. This support accelerated the processes, enabling the early identification of challenges, and creation of strong proposals towards successful grant applications. In addition, communication with Nadhirah has been flawless and she has helped us take informed decisions and support our portfolio companies in their growth.”


*As of 25th October 2018, the CDG grant has merged with Global Company Partnership (GCP) grant to form Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)*