Established in 2004, Beauty Nation is a healthcare product supplier, specializing in food supplements, nutritional supplements, health products and cosmetics. At present, the company has 7 employees and more than 200 distribution outlets in Singapore.

However, the company wants to expand overseas and penetrate foreign markets such as Japan and China. Sally Tan, Director of Beauty Nation, and her team decided to hire a branding consultant and together, they identified key milestones for the company to achieve such as:

  1. Brand audit report
  2. Market research
  3. Development of brand strategy/visual identity

Enterprise Development Grant

Sally was determined to improve Beauty Nation’s brand image and considered applying for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to support the overall branding project. Sally reached out to Beny, our Business Advisor, in February this year, seeking his assistance in applying for the grant.

“Based on the project proposal, it was apparent that Beauty Nation has a lot of potential to grow given the right brand positioning and strategies. The EDG allows the company to defray some of the project’s costs and ultimately, kickstart the company’s branding campaign,” explained Beny.

Beny guided Sally and her team in the application process, ensuring that the project’s objectives and deliverables were outlined and aligned to meet the company’s overall goal.

“Beny was very helpful in the application process. He even came down during the Interview session to assist with any queries put forward by the ESG officers,” shared Sally.

In May this year, Beauty Nation’s EDG application was successfully approved and received up to 60% funding of the project.