Security Agency Digital Transformation

by | Jan 17, 2019

Overview of the project 

• Encourage SMEs in the security services industry to adopt digital solutions to enhance their business processes
• Allow SMEs in the security services industry to obtain accurately analysed data and deliver real time surveillance with minimal reliance on back-end operations
• Deliver a value proposition of automating business processes within the security services industry through the adoption of technology and reducing the communication lead time between various touchpoints
• Enable stakeholders to better understand the regulatory compliances and enable effective engagement of the companies. 

Target Audience 

• SMEs whose business activity includes providing security services at multiple locations. 
• Companies who are registered or who wish to enhance their grading under the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD} 
• Companies who have short term business goals of obtaining or enchanting their current grading under the annual Security Agency Grading Exercise (SAGE).

Features of technological solution offered 

• Regulatory Compliance – The proposed systems enable companies to achieve operational compliance to Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD}
• Electronic Data Input and Management– Access to electronic data of employee information and performance that in turn achieves an in-depth analysis of profit-per-site. This will enable them to make more informed business decisions 
• Concise and Accurate Communication– The proposed system reduces the processes in the workflow, enables accurate and concise data communication and increases overall productivity 
• Improved Decision Making – Allowing remote access to site activity and date, SME owners are empowered to make more informed business decisions based on cost-profit analysis reducing liquid damages and overtime costs.


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