Travel Agency Digitalization

by | Jan 17, 2019

Overview of the project 

The objective of this project is to provide travel agents with a system that: 
• Allows them to manage their business end to end which includes
• Manages the website’s accounting, daily operations i.e. sales & invoicing, human resource planning, etc. 

We aim to ease travel agents in preparing management report and accessibility and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring bookings and travel products.

Target Audience 

Any licensed Travel Agency. 

Features of technological solution offered 

With effective 01 Jan 2018 Travel Agent Licensees are now required to submit their Gross Annual Turnover (GAT) within 6 months of the close of their financial year. This is now aligned with the submission deadline for audited accounts. The term “GAT” has been renamed to “Annual Business Profile Returns” (ABPR) to better reflect the information that licensees are required to submit. 

The Travel Agent Management system will facilitate this new requirement. It encompasses both back-end management application as well as front end data entrypoint where details are being captured. With the system, it will reduce the amount of human errors, having effective triggering notification and thus reduce the process in the operations workflow with effective result. The Travel Agent Management system will also assist them with their manpower issues currently the travel agencies are facing.


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