Simply Sinless started out of sheer love for baking. Its owner, Aisyah Jumari was a home-based avid baker who often baked for family and friends. No physical storefront. 

In 2012, Aisyah and her partner decided to take a leap of faith by setting up a physical store front to accommodate to the growing demand. “Although it wasn’t a requirement, we wanted to have a store front to build credibility. Furthermore, it allowed us to grow our customer base,” shared Aisyah. Lack of brand awareness. 

However, due to its location, they duo soon realized that they were not garnering enough attention.”Despite having almost 29,000 fans on Facebook and 2700 followers on Instagram, we found it difficult to increase our sales at the beginning. Most of our customers were from the heartlands so we had to think of different ways to attract a new pool of customers,” explained Aisyah. 

This pushed the pair to consult one of our Business Advisors, Nur Nadhirah, for ways to improve their branding and awareness. During these consultations, Nadhirah assisted the pair in identifying their USPs as well as the target audience. She also participated in brainstorming sessions with the pair to boost their brand presence and customer outreach. “Moving to the city had its cons for Simply Sinless and it included finding new ways to attract a different pool of customers. So it was crucial for them to understand their environmental factors and re-strategize their marketing plan,” explained Nadhirah. 

Nadhirah also recommended Aisyah to pay more attention towards loyal customers. The pair recently introduced Pink Pass, a loyalty card which rewards customers after every purchase. Pink Pass holders will also receive updates on upcoming events and programmes by Simply Sinless. 

Re-strategizing goes a long way

Since then, Simply Sinless has since a hike in their sales. 

“A slight tweak in our visual merchandizing, allowed us to see a 10-fold jump in sales for one of our products. Our online presence grew stronger; We had a 20% increase of followers on our Instagram account from our collaboration with Halalfoodhunt,” shared Aisyah. 

Aisyah and Sha are optimistic about the future and are currently developing various marketing strategies for the company such as organizing baking workshops and flea festivals for micro-businesses. Given their unique USP and strategic location, Simply Sinless is also shifting their focus towards a different demographic. “We would love to continue working with other micro influencers such as Halaltrip and Halalezguide to reach out to more prospects who may travel to Singapore and we are a to-go place when you are on the go since we are strategically located at a hotel and very accessible by all means of transport!” says Aisyah.