MENDAKI Social Enterprise Network Singapore (SENSE) is a subsidiary and training arm of Yayasan MENDAKI, a pioneer Self-Help Group formed in 1982. SENSE was established in 2004 as a continuing education and training organisation that supports the nation’s campaign in promoting lifelong learning. SENSE empowers the community via employment facilitation (i.e. job matching) services to ensure that the workforce remains economically active and resilient in an uncertain economic landscape. 

In addition to career facilitation and social programmes, SENSE also consists of an education arm to administer the operations of Yayasan MENDAKI Tuition Programme (MTS) in areas of recruitment, deployment and management of tutors, since 2012. 

When Haryati Eksan, Corporate Development, ICT Manager of SENSE first approached our Business Advisor, Beny Ke, in Feb 2018, she and the team aspired to transform the social service organisation with supporting commercial operations to a commercial company with strong social initiatives. 

However, talent retention proved to be challenging and a compensation structure review was necessary to contribute to SENSE’s overall success. 

“Beny recommended for us to work closely with a project consultant for this compensation review project. We knew that an internal Human Resource audit was vital to boost the staff’s morale and to ensure the turnover rate is kept low. With the right talent retention strategy, only then will our subsequent expansion plans be feasible,” explained Haryati. 

With Beny’s assistance and guidance through the application process, SENSE received funding of up to 70% under the Capability Development Grant (CDG) in the area of Human Capital Development. 

“I took them through the step-by-step process of the application – from project proposal to the submission of their application on the Business Grants Portal. I am thrilled that I was able to offer my assistance and made the application process a more seamless one for them. With the help of CDG, we can ensure that SENSE remains market competitive, especially where remuneration is concerned,” shared Beny.