Carriage Global Logistics Pte Ltd (CGL) is a Singapore based freight and shipping service company that specializes in shipping, handling and storage. 

In July 2018, Mr Navneet Bahety from Carriage Global first approached the SME Centre @SMCCI to seek the assistance of a Business Advisor, Mr Dale Aroozoo, to enquire about government assistance schemes available to support a digital transformation initiative. 

“Through an internal audit of its operations and external competitive analysis, Mr Navneet shared that he wanted to enhance the company’s operations by integrating a customised Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The ERP system is a business process management software that allows companies like Carriage Global to manage its business and automate functions such as inventory management, finance and human resources under a single management system,” explained Mr Dale. 

Mr Dale proposed for them to tap on the Capability Development Grant (CDG) under the category of Enhancing Business Processes Through Productivity. The CDG funds up to 70% of qualitative project costs in areas such as training, certification, productivity and market access. As of 25th October 2018, the CDG grant has merged with Global Company Partnership (GCP) grant to form Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)*. 

“Mr Dale was very resourceful and knowledgeable in helping us through the grant application process. He advised us on the grant eligibility criteria and how we can craft a comprehensive proposal for submission. As we decided not to go forth with a third party consultant, Mr Dale had also advised us on ways to quantify the productivity segment for our grant application,” shared Mr Navneet. 

*To find out more about the newly launched EDG, reach out to one of our Business Advisors today via: