Image: Ms Gina Ho (Far left) and her team at VOX 

Ms Gina Ho, Admin and HR executive joined VOX, a Strategic Business Advisory firm, in April 2018. Prior to joining VOX, Ms Ho, a PMET who was previously from an IT and Supply background, did not have any experience as a HR practitioner. 

Being new to HR, Ms Ho wanted to seek advice on how she could enhance her career and the various government schemes available for her company to tap on. With that in mind, Ms Ho approached SME Centre @SMCCI in April 2018 and was referred to Ms Manisah Sapari, a Business Advisor for Workforce Singapore (WSG) programmes. 

WSG Initiatives that were recommended by Ms Manisah:
1) Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for PMETs (HR)
2) P-Max programme
3) Career Support Programme for employers


A complimentary career diagnosis was done to understand Ms Ho’s background and career needs. Ms Manisah proposed that Ms Ho tap on the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Professional Executives (Human Resource). The PCP (HR) programme aims to equip mid-career PMETs with the necessary competencies to undertake HR-related roles in areas of recruitment, learning and development, and compensation and benefits. This programme is administered by Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), the official training provider. 

“Through this programme, Ms Ho underwent 3 months of classroom learning and structured on-the-job training with VOX. This programme allowed her to acquire fundamental theory-based knowledge and subsequently apply them to real-world scenarios at her workplace,” explained Ms Manisah. 

In addition to the learning support offered by PCP, qualified hires are also entitled to up to 90% of course fee funding capped at $6,000 per trainee. In the case of Ms Ho, she was also entitled to a monthly salary support of up to 90% throughout the 3-month course duration. 


Ms Manisah had also suggested for VOX to tap on P-Max programme offered by WSG. Through this programme, SMEs are entitled to a one-time $5,000 assistance grant upon meeting the following criteria: 

● Employer to attend a 1-day workshop
● PMET to attend a 2-3 days workshop

A 90% course fee funding is also provided by WSG to support this initiative. 

CSP for employers

In addition, Ms Manisah had also advised Ms Ho to tap on the Career Support Programme (CSP), a salary support programme to encourage employers to hire eligible Singapore Citizen PMETs. This programme provides PMETs with salary support of up to 18 months, capped at $42,000. 

“Through several advisories with Ms Manisah, I was able to better comprehend the schemes offered by WSG that could help PMETs like myself who are looking for a mid-career switch. As a new HR practitioner, the training and salary support programmes enabled me to grasp new concepts and apply them confidently in the working world. SMEs like VOX can also look into hiring PMETs who wish to advance their career with the right support in place,” shared Ms Ho. 

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