Image: Mapletree Media Team 

Mapletree Media brings together over 35 years of experience in publishing, digital marketing and branding. The Singapore-based digital and web design agency was founded by Sean Gerard in 2006, and today, has become one of Asia’s leading digital agencies with a focus on beauty and lifestyle brands. In January 2018, Sean was referred to one of our Business Advisors, Manisah Sapari, in-charge of Workforce Singapore (WSG) programmes. Sean sought the assistance of Manisah in the areas of talent expansion, as the agency was seeking a Digital Marketing Writer to cater to the growing needs of the company. 

WSG initiatives that were recommended by Manisah:
1. Career Trial
2. P-Max programme

Career Trial
Manisah recommended for Sean to tap on Career Trial, a job-matching programme where employers can offer a short-term work trial for jobseekers. This enables employers like Mapletree Media to determine the employees’ job fit in the role before being offered a full-time employment. Eligible jobseekers may benefit from training allowance of $7.50 – $15/hour, for up to 480 hours. Under this programme, WSG also offers a retention incentive scheme of up to $1,500 for any Singaporean citizen who meet the programme criteria.

In addition, employers may benefit from 30% of monthly salary support for up to 6 months, capped at $5,400 per hire, when hiring employees who have been previously unemployed for 6 months or more.

“The Career Trial programme is an enhancement to the previous Work Trial programme. This programme allows companies to gauge the level of competency of prospective employees by offering them a short-term work placement, supported by WSG. This programme benefits both the employer and employees as there may be varying factors such as technical competencies, company culture fit, career development, etc. that may be of consideration when accepting a job employment. Through this initiative, the transition process for both the employer and employee may be a more seamless one,” explained Manisah.

Additionally, Manisah had also recommended for Mapletree Media to apply for P-Max, another initiative by WSG. Through this programme, Mapletree Media qualified for the one-time assistance grant of $5,000, following these programme requirements:
• Employer to attend a 1-day SME workshop
• Employee to attend a 2-3 days PMET workshop
• Successful retention of newly-hired PMET for at least 6 months upon completion of workshops

A 90% course fee funding is also provided by WSG to support this initiative.

“Manisah was knowledgeable and concise in her recommendations for our company’s needs. We had a clearer idea of the various WSG programmes that our company can tap on after our consultation with her. Through Career Trial, we were able to make a more informed decision about our newly-hired PMET and better cater her competencies with the needs of the company,” shared Sean.

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