BP De Silva Group is a diversified holding company that focuses on two main categories – luxury goods and commodities. 

In 2018, Shanya, Director of BP De Silva, met up with one of our Business Advisors, Dale. During the meeting, Shanya shared the company’s challenges in keeping track of work orders and ensuring that the accounts tallied. She highlighted that the entire process was taxing on a lean workforce as it was tedious and time-consuming. Hence, resources were not allocated properly and effectively, leading to unproductivity. 

Shanya expressed interest in having a workflow redesign to address the company’s challenges. Aside from an improved workflow, she also realised that that having a system in place would allow the company to effectively manage its daily operations such as order and delivery, inventory management as well as accounts. After hearing Shanya’s transformation plans for BP De Silva, Dale reinforced her decision to digitalize the company’s operations and recommended setting up an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The ERP system would help BP De Silva streamline their daily operations such as inventory, accounts and even HR. 

“As a business advisor, my analysis is that B.P. De Silva is at the growth milestone to upscale its capabilities. Once implemented, the ERP system will enable the company to have a more seamless workflow, allowing staff to be more productive by diverting their efforts towards business development and marketing,” shared Dale. 

Dale proceeded to connect Shanya and her team to three software developers where he explained the scope of the project to each of them. After much consideration, the BP De Silva team decided to collaborate with Lerna Private Ltd in developing their customised ERP system. Dale further recommended Shanya to apply for the Capability Development Grant (CDG) to help defray the cost of adoption and guided her through the application in late 2018. 

In February this year, BP De Silva’s CDG application was approved and successfully received funding of up to 70%. 

“BP De Silva has a clear vision aligned to their 3-year business strategy. The commitment to digitalise will pay great dividends in the future. It also paves the way for internationalisation. I am happy to be part of their journey and will offer assistance and guidance as the company grows,” explained Dale.